Company  :  Altus Institute

Industry     : Educational Institution, Coaching Centre, Calicut, Kerala

Task          : Provides UGC NET Coaching



Increase in Lead Generation


Increase in New Admissions


Increase in Social Media Engagement

Success Brief: Altus Institute has become one of the top Coaching institute in Kerala. Earlier Altus Institute had used traditional marketing methods but couldn’t bring a big change by this alone. They decided to contact SizcomDigital one of the leading Digital Marketing Company. With help of SizcomDigital now Altus institute has become leading institute with good business and fame.

The Problem :Altus was unaware of the latest marketing trends hence was sticking on to traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads. They were not aware of the power of Google AdWords and other SEO tactics. They had few admissions going on because they were a very good institution with moral values. The problem was this dint reach many people. Marketing was lacking .The good reviews which their prior students had to tell about them dint reach out to people much. This affected their business in a bad way .But business changed after consulting SizcomDigital.

The Solution: SizcomDigital had good idea about how to approach this business. Constant ideas and inputs about the changes to be made in their Marketing side was explained. Internet marketing, Email marketing, Pay per click, Google Ads ,Website redesign, content writing, Search Engine optimization ,Social media marketing and lot more was carried out in a timely manner .All these were done at a very affordable rate which when compared with traditional marketing was very less but which provided them with more students ,name and fame.
Altus Institute has now become a famous Institute and the reach they got through internet is very big
With proper planning and team work this was achieved within a very short duration.There were challenges faced such as the website was old, the time etc.

The Impact:There was huge impact. Now the Altus team has to just sit and receive business calls and they don’t have to go around convincing people about their Good will. They are as always very successful and dedicated team who does their best for their students. This is clearly communicated now and getting the honest result they deserve .The marketing cost has reduced and Institute is growing with lot of students and producing good results which are all tracked online and available for public real-time.

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